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Bangalore is one of the top and fastest growing city in the world and thus open up many opportunities for professional and startup companies. With this increase in the population growth of good professionals that work in IT companies, Lawyers Companies, soft ware engineers, doctors, engineers and scientists have been an increase in demand for these professionals in all sectors such as manufacturing, banking, IT sector, transportation & logistics and supply chain much more. With the increase in population has also increased the demand in the real estate sector as well.

People are also looking to rent a house or flat which is located on their workforce and is not only challenging in Bangalore but in other metro cities also like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and jaipur. With the growth of cities people also move to a better job opportunity is not necessarily for a better pay package but also for the development of knowledge and skills. But, these very human nature to explore opportunities also encourage the Transportation & Logistics sector greatly and with this growth of new challenges arise for HOUSEHOLD TRANSPORT for the relocation of the city or town to move around the city.

This needs looking very Domestic Transportation has added one more sector referred to as "move" or "removalist" service in developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada. But in the Asian region are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and China is known as the "Packers and Movers". People do not just like to in their own country but also like to explore the world for a better knowledge, lifestyle and cultural studies. So this has evolved into the industry as known as "Sector Relocation" or "Industrial Relocation".

What is Packers and Movers?

Packers and movers as suggested is transportation or logistics company that offers support for packing and moving of your household goods and items Office from your current location to your new location. We at fregro packers movers are professionally trained to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack all your home needs with good care. Some packers and movers companies also specialize in offering household storage services if you do not have accommodation ready. It is just not about transporting your household goods are more about securing them, companies that move will be using the packaging material to wrap all your house article with skilled labor and also help you organize in Transit insurance for transportation. Now if you regard them only for household goods moving, then you can also consider them for Car and Bike transportation as well and not only that they will be able to customize their services according the details of your move.

Is there a need for packers and movers specialized services required for the transport of household goods?

The answer could be yes or no, think again there are many who think do not need to have any special service logistics, and transportation or courier company can offer this service. Then please back up your mind it's not that simple, moving of goods household is a specialized service and many transport companies are not good at it, they can move it but safety is an area where most of them fail and you as a customer would this sorry when all your hard earned money is lost or damaged.

As described packers and movers are professionally trained and experienced in handling goods households fragile, each item is individually packed with packing materials of good quality such as bubble wrap, corrugated sheets and other packaging materials such as Moving blankets, moving pads for guaranteed and maximum protection. So, the idea of DIY (Do it Yourself) may appeal to some then again there is always risk associated to it like renting a moving truck, organizing labor to pick up and drop items, the source of packaging materials and above all you end up paying more, unless you have very few boxes to move. But if you were to move the shift full house then most of them would hire packers and movers services only.

So, hire packing and moving comes with more benefits, some of the benefits of the packers and movers sources listed below

Saves Time: more hands quicker Simple math works, if you were to DIY then after a hard day's work you need to find the time to pack all of your own and it takes about 3-4 weeks of preparation to pack 02 bedroom household goods , But with the help of packers and movers is much easier and organized and home goods are packed within 6 hours. Yes, it really is professionally trained workforce that can pack better and faster. By doing self-relocation, you will certainly waste a lot of time. It takes a lot of time to find the best channel transport, packaging tools, and other things. But, with the help of packers and movers company are good, your job will go smoothly. You will not be wasting your precious time again. It will also save your budget. So, using good packing and movers company, Your shifting will be risk and hassle free. If you can find a good company such as packers and movers Fregro, the work will be easier and faster. So, instead of wasting time and effort, it is better to hire someone to do your job in a professional manner. We always advise you to do the proper research about the company before hiring them. There are many companies available in the market to choose from. Once you do, let them do their job and do a proper audit from time to time. Check the tactics they use to move your valuables.

Efforts save: If you were to DIY your business more and exhausting, packers and movers businesses a physical muscle strength and the need to handle your cargo during loading and unloading.

Fewer Injuries: Hiring packers and movers you can avoid injury during handling during loading and unloading your shipment. When performing the works related to packing and moving, there are many possible injury. While packing large objects, you may have to face a different disorders as well. So, it is better to use a good company for your job and let them do all the work in a professional manner. Once you are with a good company, you do not have to do any work on your own. They will handle everything well with their professional staff members.

Lesser Cost: Imagine you take a day off and lose pay to regulate the packaging material, packaging spend your time for the entire month and later in the day to move you hire labor for unloading the goods and arrange transportation truck to move goods. Really, it's not simple, but with the packers and movers is all done with a phone call and you save more money than DIY. This is the worst part of the self-moving. If you are going to move your own assets, you will have to pay a huge price. You have to pay separately for the packaging, transport, and loading. The overall cost will increase so much. Instead of this, you can go to both packers and movers firm and choose a good package with ease.

Avoid damage to property: Buy trying to move all of its own is always a good chance you ruin your own property and the property owner, because you are not trained to properly handle heavy objects and also incomplete. By doing the work themselves packing and moving, there is very damage your property. There is a possibility that you may lose your valuable household goods forever. So, it is necessary to hire a good company for this job and let them do everything with their excellent staff. It is difficult to pack and load the fragile items. Only a professional service provider can handle these works effectively. packers and movers company has been handling equipment such as mobile cart, hit the material, equipment Guard and rollers to move the heavier object.

These are just some of the benefits there are many advantages when you hire a relocation company to move long-distance move or International packers and movers services. For long-distance moving moving International relocation intercity or proper documentation, custom clearance and understand the law is even more important, so the packers and movers services are always a good option to avoid the hassle.

What packers and movers services company offer?

Now you will understand how packers and movers companies can make a simple move and easy and the advantages of renting a moving company a good professional, but, there are many areas that you can hire packers and services drive to, we have listed some of the major and common services when the thesis shifts hire companies to

Intra city's Moving companies shift attention to every detail during packing and to move your household items from one location to another within the same city, and called the local packers and movers in India. They will come up with a van and 3-4 workers to move around in the city and providing a basic package and securing your home goods for local shift. They will assist in moving individual houses, flat or villa to move a small distance and is also referred to as driving a small distance in the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada.

Intercity Moving: It is a relief now there are many packers and movers support packing and moving single items to complete house shifting from your current city to a new city with door to door support and shipping. Proper documentation is also set to clear checkpoints and Naka It's stress free relocation. Basically it remotely company that offers the city's municipal services moved.

International Relocation: This is the domain experts do not like moving locally, these companies are experts in offering cross-dormitory where the relocation process of understanding the state prime documentation. There are many freight forwarders or c & f agents are useful for dealing with these procedures for a fee.

Cargo Transport: Cargo transportation over customized services, moving some boxes or fragile items such as paintings, drawings or piano needs extra precautions and packaging are more improvised for more than security reasons, packers and movers can clearly understand and offer services desired by you.

Transit Insurance Services: When you transport the household goods is always a risk of damage to both the goods to get a road accident or a natural disaster and you might just lose your hard earned money. But not to worry packers and movers companies also will arrange for transit insurance and make sure you recover your losses from the insurance company.

Household storage service: If you do not have a ready accommodation or getting renovate the house or have extra furniture and looking for some warehousing services. Packers and movers companies also offer warehousing services for short and long-term storage.

Car or bike Transport: Yes, if you are considering moving your car or a shift in two packing wheels and drive will help pack and secure offer door to door transportation services.

What is the packers and movers in Bangalore price?

It is not difficult to find cheap packer and mover services in Bangalore, but we always recommend that you hire a good and professional packers and movers services. Packers and movers price is variable and depends on many factors

House Size: It is as simple as it was larger homes more cost shifting, the higher the cost of packing and more manpower is needed and vice versa. So to move one bed room house would cost less than the moves 4 bedroom villa or flat a.

Packaging costs:More high home item packaging costs, every home items will be packed safely and shifted. Packaging materials such as bubble sheet, corrugated material, stretch wrap, moving cardboard boxes, plastic crates, moving blankets all of these materials will affect the cost of your move.

Labor costs: Labor is expensive today for day labor costs Rs.700 to Rs.900 depending on weekday and weekend shifts. The amount of labor needed for unloading affect the overall cost for the shift.

Tempo size for Transportation Costs: More items larger vehicles required for transport and this effect your transportation costs. small distance moves are generally done with a mini truck but to travel a distance of more than 5 k.m. large vehicles suited for single journey moves and also save time but cost a bit more of a mini truck.

Fregro packers and movers have made the Packers and movers in Bangalore service very affordable for those who live in Bangalore. As we are professional, we include what exactly what it takes to move you. Costs for packers and movers services in Bangalore based on how much you have to move and what materials needed for packing and moving of your goods. 1BHK shift with the help of packers and movers and will cost only between Rs.5,000 to Rs.7,000. When it is 2BHK, prices will increase because this usually means bigger furniture are 2 beds, 2 cupboards etc shift a 2BHK with packers and movers in Bangalore will cost you between Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,000. Cost to move anything more than like 2BHK 3BHK in Bangalore with the help of packers and movers are becoming more expensive. Packers and Movers costs for 3BHKs in Bangalore is between Rs.9, 000 to Rs.14, 000.

How to choose the right packers and movers to shift Job?

Today we have the option of renting a cheap packer and mover, professional packers and movers & packers and movers are good, but the confusion begins when everyone claims to be the best so that we will assist you with tips on hiring packers and movers of the original company. But before that we have to understand how we are looking for packers and movers, we usually go to "Google" and look for the Packers and movers and you get a good list of companies engaged but all in is not good you might end up hiring some movers false in business. So try to get a list, so where you can find a list of

Tutorial: This is the first step you can do to collect a list of names of packing and moving company to ask relatives or neighbors who they hire for relocation. Get experience and their feedback and start collecting quotations move from the relocation company.

Friends & Partners: If you work professionally and work in a company then your peers can also refer you to shift some of the company and their feedback can also add several packers and movers name to your list. But if you are new to town and do not know who hired then we have listed a few tips before you book a packers and movers services

Pre Move Surveys: Always get a pre-step survey conducted before booking a company shifts work, the survey pre-packing to move and movers company will send a representative to inspect the goods and their survey of households conducted. The marketing executives will discuss the details of your move and offer quotations actual moves in a written agreement, if one does not offer a written estimate "DO NOT BOOK" moving service. During the pre-step survey please prepare a list of answers to the question:

1. Moving Date: This is the main question posed by every packers and movers companies to understand their availability for shifts such as during the weekend is Saturday and Sunday or national holiday is always a rush day and packers and movers service availability are always in demand.

2. Objective Detail: This is to understand the necessary arrangements to be made at the destination. Some areas of the city closely placed and vehicle restrictions are also in place where at packers and movers may consider cost.

3. The parking fee: Several areas of the city came up with the parking fee which will also affect the cost of your move.

4. Lift Facilities: Not every apartment to move easily, so as to know about the use of the lift or shift should be done by the stairs and on some rare occasions rope services may also be required.

This is a basic questionnaire requested by the packers and movers for estimates. If you have any doubts you please do not hesitate to ask a marketing executive.

Check Name: Please do not receive a citation if the company name is missing on that quote again may be a trap, and one more important thing to check is the Company Name Some companies that move use identical names other than those listed in the search engines. Suppose you called "Fregro packers and movers" and when you receive a citation can be another name sufficing as "professional" or "cargo" or "International" or "Right" or "new". Please check the number on the packers and movers website and domain name of moving company before confirming.

Office Visit: We understand it is not possible to get time from your busy schedule and visit the packers and movers office, but believe it is the job you will experience more about their functions and identify hire a moving company for shifting false.

These are some tips that are highly recommended for all to move and make your relocation a pleasant experience.

Why Packers and Movers Fregro should be your first choice when you need packers and movers?

Fregro Packers and movers are among the best and professional packing and moving companies in Bangalore have support relocation since 2000 and carried over 10,000 + house relocation and 98% satisfied customers and more than 80% of customers come back to us again to move. That's not all we have done more office moving and also supports single item moved into the house a complete shift to the entire satisfaction of our customers. It requires a lot of skill to carefully move you're valuable and asset prices from one place to another; requires a professional company with good expertise. But in a city like Bangalore a good choice for packing and movers are available in plenty and find they will always be a challenge to work your moves. A good moving company is always reasonable and efficient staff and skilled to manage and safely handle your luggage will be the first criterion and better then Fregro packers and movers that can meet the demand you want to perfect perfection.

After working a shift in our sphere of hand, you do not have to worry a little, with 20 years of packing and moving service experience and has accomplished many projects we can bring a smile to the face of the completion of the project. We know exactly how to pack your furniture and handle fragile items by using various types of packaging materials and providing suitable transport services.

Why we are different and best Packers and movers in Bangalore karnataka?

With years of experience behind us and a skilled and experienced staff our supporters we are highly appreciated by our customers and this reason why 80% of satisfied clients always come back to us when then search for mobile services and for this we have been recognized by various agencies and received awards and recognition in the relocation sector. But, at the same time we also believe learning never ends and we continue to improve our packaging methodology and regularly train our workforce to offer our best services at all times. But we also understand to keep tabs on offering the best service at the best price and remain so competatitive that we do not lose our customer base to other people over the price.

With us you can always get the following services

  1. Fast service
  2. Customer friendly staff
  3. Cost Effective Solution
  4. Peace of Mind
  5. Value Added Services
  6. No Obligation Free Moving Estimates
  7. 100% review Good
  8. Experience hassle and stress free.

With our confidence so high we assure you a hassle free packing and transportation of valuables you do not only do we meet the expectations of your budget, but it could easily be moved to a remote village in the whole country with our support. After the work at hand we are safe we will help you through the process of relocating the whole of offering Estimates packaging, Loading, Unloading and transport you'll be more than happy because we will far exceed your expectations, the team members were very efficient and skilled we will always be ready to give the best solution is desirable and makes it simple for most of the work challenging. With a positive approach and we are determined to work that we make an impact moving experience and ask for feedback after each move to make learning more with your steps. Although we were in Bangalore but our national network we contact you via the shortest possible route cutting short your delivery time and service offers of interest to all the major cities and towns. With our wide range of trucks we made more secure and reliable moving to new places, so for the best packing and experienced movers, packers and movers Fregro is the best choice for you. We will assist you in every possible way to create an enjoyable experience with the most effective way you move and all this at an affordable cost.

How Fregro Packers and movers can offer a better service?

With such a wide range of services to choose from and many types of companies that move, hire a company that fits into challenging. Bangalore like other cities are also the home of a large company to company and industry movers packers small in no exception, among the many companies that provide low-cost mobile services to the highly professional service and charge also for the service, we always choose the middle way. Our mid-size moving company on a growth path starting with the mini small trucks and 02 workers and now grow to the size of the company-owned fleet of vehicles from the Tata Ace vehicle lease from 17 feet and 20 vehicles feet container and the size of the labor force 10 workers and we also outsource around 10 workers on a regular basis to achieve the demand for services in the hands of our shift over the weekend and the month ends.

Fregro packers and movers is one of the best companies offering services for every type of packing and moving jobs. Our cost effective mobile services makes it very affordable and make us reach more number of clients and customers year on year we only grow.

Why Packers and Movers Fregro should be your first choice for your work?

Let's agree on one thing we all seek "good" and the "Good Price" to bring a balance we use highly effective tactics and improvise on the operating methodology to perform the desired work. This is our strategy and critical to our company's growth by using the right tools, modern equipment and keep prices in check and offer more value-added services. With our professional support and advice of your work will be done easily without any hassle. We offer several other features such as ethical business practices and practical solutions for your needs.

Fast delivery: In today's fast delivery of life in time is of great essence and we are one of the fastest transportation services. With our skilled and experienced driver a reliable transport network and the best motion technique, we can ensure timely and fastest delivery service for door-to-door transportation, so you can receive all your valuable in the least possible time without any problems. Marketing audit team will assist you from the beginning and throughout the packing and moving will be audited under the supervision of our team and the whole process will help you save your time by a single goal at the prime customers happy and happiness.

Budget: We understand the need to develop our business to offer a good quality and keeping our prices more "affordable" so that we can engage advantages our services and offerings to clients maximum. With this approach, we do the work, practice and experience is highly valued and efficient work ethic will make lower and more affordable prices that suit individual budgets compared with other companies that offer relocation estimates.

Safe & Reliable Service: We also believe the price may not be the sole affecter to achieve our long-term we need to be "safe and reliable" as well. Our expert team of super performance and offer 100% dedication and support and ensure all your prices ownership are packed perfectly. With our transportation team and offer the appropriate transport media we make the whole process is smooth and reliable and much safer than one can ask for. All we ask for the opportunity and work for you.

Skilled Staff: Yes, the most important skills of our staff undergo regular training on the proper use of packaging materials and understand the new assembly line of modern furniture such as hydraulic Cots, handling and packing spring mattress expensive artifacts and vases. We have an experienced staff that has been with us since the company started and this experience "Qualification" us to be the best and the top movers in Bangalore. Our staff members also undergo training on behavior and verbal skills to handle customers that most uncertain during pressure situations. We know customers emphasize and that when we prepare our team on soft skills, too, is highly skilled and trained members of our highly qualified staff is always ready to offer any kind of assistance and services without the requirement ranging from packaging, audit and transport as our staff allocated and made aware their duty to do their best. With our skills we are able to move anything to any where it is easier than you think in the city of Bangalore. We always prepare to offer advanced support and willing to learn on the job to serve clients better.

So know you know what separates us from other packers and movers, so know want to know How Fregro packers and movers do not shift to your home?

Shift your home to a new place can be a great idea, have new neighbors and new understanding about bringing a lot of excitement, but the shift may house the most stressful job to do. There are many things that must be planned before the shift as

  1. Inform your landlord about plans
  2. Request permission from the Apartment Association.
  3. Change of Address must be informed to you
  • The news paper vendor.
  • Company Insurance Policy.
  • Board of LPG.
  • Postal Department.
  • Company management.
  • Authority School.
  • Mobile Phone Company.
  • Hiring Packers and movers to shift home.

So, after your planned date of your move, you should start looking for some reliable company for home shifting, so let's assume you are planning to shift house on 01/01/2020 article so you have to look for agencies to shift home about 2 weeks before as discussed above.

So if you're considering shifting your home space rent 2 bed (2BHK) or flat, there are many things that must be planned in advance to create a stress-free shifting. When the house is 2BHK or a bigger house work to do increased many fold, say

  • Listing out the shift Agencies
  • Taking Multiple Quotes.
  • Engaging Service
  • Inform the date you move

So to move the article home to a new place, there is always a need for professional help is needed. Let's assume you take a quote from Xyz Packers and movers or Abc Packers and movers then you compare the service and with our estimate. Now that our marketing executives briefed about our services contact us and inform you schedule your move.

So let us brief you about how Fregro International Packers and Movers do you Shifting 2BHK house.

Once you call us at 9945029555 Or Left inquiry on our contact form, we will contact you and get some insight about your needs and get some information to set up the moving process are detailed below

Pre-Move Survey

This is the first step in the process, we send our marketing staff to understand the needs of your work in detail related to your work, it is an important decision to get more clarity about your jobs. We made a list of things you plan to move. After this examination we are in a better position to offer the best solution for you, it becomes easier for you and us to clarify the resources necessary to complete the work and plan accordingly and strategies shared steps to you on reaching the house move.

What we saw in the pre-step Survey

  • List of Products
  • Location Stair
  • Lane Parking
  • Lift Availability
  • Size Van required
  • The number of workers needed
  • Packaging material needs
  • Time and date completed

So that nothing will surprise on the move.

What we do in Moving Day?


As discussed we will send you a separate skilled staff to handle everything associated with packaging. Every detail and attention paid to pack all the items of your home individually and labeled as well by using the best packaging materials we are preparing to move for long and short distance move safely.

Furniture Packing: All of your furniture such as sofa sets, sofa, double bed and a cot, crockery unit, Almirah, Wardrobe, Chester, table Side Table Dining, seats were packed in multiple layers with sheets of Bubble, corrugated sheets and wrap stretch to maximum security.

Electronic Packing: All the electronic stuff you like TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dish washer, system Music, electronic piano, Owen and computers are packed with 04 layers of packing using thermocole, Bubble wrap, corrugated sheets and wrap the stretch because they value more , for long-distance moves we will also offer solutions wooden crates.

Crockery or glass ware Packing: All the crockery you vulnerable and individually packaged piece by piece in a bubble sheet or news print paper and then go into your cardboard box of good quality cardboard box with filler for a safe transportation.

Carton Box Packing: All of you are other household items such as cloths, blankets, pillows, books and decorative pieces are packed into cardboard boxes and labeled for easier identification.

Carpets and Floor Mats: Is it safe packed for transport.

Flower Pot: But we are moving floor pot without packaging but take responsibility for the rupture and disbursed only to transport a full load.

Loading / Unloading

After we have packed your entire household our team will also provide loading and unloading as well, so you do not have to worry about loading and unloading process as well. We have trained staff to efficiently perform this work as well, as it knows how to properly load items packed on trucks carrying vehicles and unload them at their destination.

carrier type

Organizing the carrier vehicle will also be part of our work, we will give you the option to select a vehicle to move. You will be able to choose between a dedicated truck transportation and consolidation of the moving truck to move your belongings.

  • Dedicate a separate transport or Moving: In this option you can engage a separate moving truck or van to carry all of your home exclusively article so you do not have to worry about lost luggage or damages for several unloading and delivery time is also faster.
  • Transportation Consolidation or Joint Move: Here clients can rent to share a region of space truck to move stuff home with other customers. You can save costs by allowing us arrange transportation services together.

We offer both types of vehicles moving at the most reasonable price. Having done a lot of 2BHK shifting experience to the entire satisfaction of our clients so that you do not have to worry about all kinds of hassle during the process of shifting.

Why Fregro Packer and Mover are most suitable for you?

Now you have to understand the unmatched expertise of our moves and comes with reliability and our brand is known for the "Deposits". Do not gamble with the choices you have, a moving company a good experience is always the best bet because they have a proven track record.

1. PriceCompare: After availing 02 Moving quote and compare the costs of your needs along with the services they offer. Move Lower cost is not always a wise idea to book, the service will be different between moving resources to higher range moving company.

Get Written Estimate: Enough already emphasized the need to move pre-survey and get written estimates to avoid confusion during the actual payment.

2. Working Paper: Documentation: Check all documents such as certificates of registration, license and tax certificate etc. to avoid scammers. You can check the office building after arranging a personal meeting to better understand the work ethic and a real office set up.

3. Review: Check online reviews of companies on the search engines and also look for warning signs

While every care is taken to involve a good service provider but please also beware of certain points before being cheated.

Cost to Service: The service cost is not always a wise idea to hire, you may get improper packaging, hidden cost, unskilled labor and no insurance at all, all of this at the end of the movement which can ruin your experience moving.

The worst mistake you need to avoid:

Do not make the mistake of assuming that the moving of professional packing services are too expensive to buy. As long as you pack anything you can own and leave it to a pro only things that are too fragile or too large, or both, then you may be surprised at the affordability of additional services offered by full-service moving company.

During Packing: In our zeal to forget to properly prioritize the things that we need to move and pack all the unwanted things and your step size increases and reflecting on your transportation costs. Be relaxed and list out the things essentially required to move your settings.

You need to register: Prepare a good inventory list of all the essential items that you want in your new location, taking only the most important items that you plan to use in your new home.

Waiting until the last minute: Never planning to the last minute because you may end up paying more than you actually estimated or budgeted for your relocation. Always plan for about 2 weeks in advance and get ready to call your moving company.

Dangerous goods: Many companies never bring flammable items such as cylinder LPG, Kerosene or petroleum products as the cause of the fire and ruin all of your earnings.

Perishable goods: fruits & vegetables to be best avoided because they never reach the destination fresh.

Labeling: Yes, failure to properly label your boxes is a good example of an error that moves you do not have to make. Just take a black marker and mark each container is packed with detailed contents, destination room, and special handling instructions both for yourself and for your maid. The use of colored labels for each individual purpose room is also encouraged.

Shifting home Material

Reasons to Choose Packers and Movers Local Moving Your Home

First and foremost reason to hire packers and movers in Bangalore service providers is that you can be sure they will pack your household goods more safely and carefully. Never tried it myself as do not want to see your belongings are damaged or missing. To avoid such situations during the shift you have to hire a local professional packers and movers that can save you from trauma and stress at the time of relocation

Local Packers and Movers Bangalore - Movers Fregro Packers

Fregro Local Packers and Movers Bangalore is one household, office and packers and movers company you can trust for the best moving and packing services. We will put our 20 years of experience to work for intercity best use of packing and moving and take every aspect into consideration your step. By Fregro local packers movers, you will get a reliable moving stress-free solution with local shift home costs are very affordable.

The benefits of choosing local Fregro Packers Movers more to service quality than the cost to rent a home for the local transport service.

Affordable, local professional Packers and Movers Bangalore!

Local Fregro Packers is one of the best companies packers and movers services providers in Bangalore India. If you are asked to move and find a moving company then we are the only solution for you.

  • Safe, Fast & Affordable
  • Local & National Interstate Moving
  • 24x7 Customer Support

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